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The Peep Aligner
FireFly Nocks Use Eco-friendly Replaceable Cartridges  

Peep Aligner - Patent Pending
Sterner Duttera teamed up with George Wonder of Cedar Hill Archery to produce the Peep Aligner. Over a year of research and development, we have finally solved the issue of string, or as some call it, peep rotation. Actually, peep rotation is caused by string rotation. The string is essentially fighting to “untwist” itself. This causes the string to actually be unbalanced, thus the peep rotates when the bow is drawn. Some of the pressure is taken off of the string around the served area and the string tries to relieve itself.

WORKS WITH ANY PEEP SIGHT! Simply press your bow to relax your string, install the Peep Aligner between the bottom serving and the center serving, and watch over 99% of your “peep rotation” disappear! Once installed, simply tie in place, using an “over, under knot,” and you’re done! No more peep rotation. No more speed robbing rubber tubes that snap every other year! We feel this is one of the biggest discoveries in the archery industry in YEARS! Machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum, the peep aligner weighs only 8 grains. Available in purple, red, blue and black.

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