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lighted nocks that don't go out
FireFly Glowing Nocks Stay Lit
No-Fail Replaceable Glow that last for hours!
FireFly Nocks Use Eco-friendly Replaceable Cartridges
Starter Kits Include: 3 Nock & 6 Cartridges

FireFly Glowing Nocks
* are guaranteed to stay lit for over 6 hours from activation. There are no batteries or switches to worry about. Simply activate the glow cartridge at the beginning of your hunt and discard properly afterwards. The Replaceable eco-friendly cartridges ensure a steady glow during, and long after, the shot (up to 12 hours). Because there are no moving parts or batteries to go dead, these nocks are much more dependable than electric lighted nocks, especially in extreme weather.

"Hope" is not a strategy. Next time you're bow hunting "Know" that you have a dependable glowing nock system that will work when it counts.

FireFly Glowing Nocks are Signature Nocks Manufactured by Bohning for Sterner Duttera.

Instructions For FireFly Glowing Nocks
Step 1. Prior to going into the field, bend a cartridge until glass vial breaks internally and activates glow. Shake well.

Step 2. Firmly press cartridge into Firefly nock.

Step 3. Place Firefly into arrow, aligning the nock to vanes as required.

Step 4. To replace cartridge, simply remove nock from arrow, pull out and dispose of spent cartridge, and repeat Step 1.

*The Firefly Glowing Nock uses the ONLY Consumer Product Safety Commission approved cartridge available on the market to date.  Cartridges contain no phthalates, leads, or regrinds, and are completely non-toxic.  Do NOT use other glow stick cartridges other then those supplied by Sterner Duttera Archery Products.  MSDS available upon request.
Refill cartridges are earth-friendly
Refill Packs Include: 12 Cartridges
  FireFly Starter Kit Qty: Price: $7.95 + shipping*
  FireFly Refill Pack Qty: Price: $9.95 + shipping*

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