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Wondering who shoots the String Splitter? Here's a few hunters we'd like to tell you about.

Jay Gregory with serious hammer! Tammy Gregory Takes a Tall-Tined Trophy WOW Wyatt! What a cool bruiser!
Jay Gregory with an early reward for hard work.
Wild Outdoors
The Gregory Family
(Save some for us guys...and girls...please.)

Our hats go off to The Gregory Family. What a great bunch of awesome hunters. Thanks for all of your support in helping us prove just how effective the String Splitters can be! We can't wait to see how you do next season.
Jay Gregory with a nice antelope
Jay Gregory and a massive trophy Tammy Gregory almost had to get out the wide angle lens for this one! Wyatt Gregory takes down a King
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Tom Nelson with a Nice Mexico Whitetail Tom Nelson nails a hammer of a 10 point! Tom Nelson Harvests a mature antelope with his bow.
Tom Nelson arrows a nice hog!
Dead Down Wind, American Archer
Tom Nelson

Tom Nelson, of Dead Down Wind, is one of the best hunters we've ever had the pleasure of working with. He's also one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. We're proud that He shoots a String Splitter. Thanks Tom!
Tom Nelson with an elusive Sika Deer
Tom Nelson makes a nice shot on this trophy whitetail. Tom Nelson bags a monster elk using a String Splitter! Tom Nelson bags a javalina using a String Splitter!
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Yes, it's a giraffe!
Outdoors Dan Website
Keith Beam, "Beamer"

Thanks Beamer!
Keith Beam with a Tall Mule Deer in Velvet
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Outdoors Dan with a Dandy!
Outdoors Dan 1460 am radio, tv and website
Outdoors Dan

Thanks Outdoors Dan!

Outdoors Dan Does it again!
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Keith Mark with a Trophy Caribou and Monster Bull Moose
MacMillan River Adventures Website
Keith Mark

Keith Mark, from MacMillan River Adventures, is one extraordinary big game hunter. He's also one heck of a guy. Thanks for everything Keith!
Keith mark from MacMillan River Adventures with a trophy moose!
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Blaine Anthony with heavy bruiser whitetail
MacMillan River Adventures Website
North American Safari - Blaine Anthony Thanks NAS!
Sat. 12:30 am EST, Sun. 8:30 am EST, (West Coast - 9:30 pm & 10:30pm), and Wed. 10:30 am EST.
Kevin Pruitt Takes down an unusual hammer!
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