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Welcome to Sterner Duttera Archery Products, home of The String Splitter peep sights, The Peep Aligner & our new FireFly Glowing Nocks!
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Best peep sights for hunting
String Splitter Peep Sights For Maximum Visibility
lighted nocks that don't require batteries
Best Lighted Nocks - No Batteries - No Switches - No Fail
The innovative design of String Splitter peep sights maximizes available light for real hunting situations. Their unique shape also provides precise sight alignment features so archers can locate and take down game with superior confidence. String Splitters are the ultimate peep sights for both hunting and competition. Made from machined aluminum. Six models in 4 colors are available.

FireFly Glowing Nocks are guaranteed to stay lit for over 6 hours from activation. Replaceable eco-friendly cartridges ensure a steady glow during the shot and after. There are no batteries or switches. FireFly Glowing Nocks are Signature Nocks Manufactured by Bohning for Sterner Duttera.

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Peep Aligner Eliminates Tubes & Stops Peep Rotation
No Rubber Tubing Needed!
The Sterner Duttera Peep Aligners prevent peep rotation without cumbersome rubber tubing. That's right. They ELIMINATE the need for rubber tubes alltogether. Peep Aligners are available in 4 colors and are made of anodized aluminum.
Click here to learn more about The Peep Aligner.
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